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Happy birthday

Spring is flying in the air.
Sunshine's melting snow and ice...
Happy birthday dear Claire!
My princess, sweet, wise and nice!

D'you remember how we met?
That shy "how r u?👋" was cute...
Can't stop thanking INTERNET
And facebook. They gave me YOU.

Day by day and week by week
Lots of messages and all...
I felt lonely, sick and weak
If I didn't have your call.

Miles away and different time...
And your language sounds tough.
But you felt that you were mine.
Online love was not enough... .

Now that a year has passed
I feel happy every day.
I can hold your hand at last.
...Thank you for that perfect May.

Italy... and you and me...
It was our best weekend.
An I promise (you will see)
This romance will never end.

Dear Claire, my love, my bun.
Wish you harmony and health.
Shine as brightly as the Sun.
My French gold, my biggest wealth!

Ольга АйВи Яновская
Автор: Ольга АйВи Яновская